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How to make use of your free time profitably.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Making good use of leisure / free time, how to use free time
After a very busy week schedule or maybe a very busy day, you will want to include some time in your short term/long term plan that you will consider a free time. The time you think you can actually make use of by doing something different from the normal daily routine, like take a walk, chat with your friends on social sites like Facebook or twitter, and probably go visiting friends around.

This kind of time is slowly becoming useless in our lives, not because we do not create it appropriately, nor is it because we plan a short time for it(I would rather say that people are increasing the duration of rest) but rather the way in which we use it. Anything, including time that is not used in the correct manner or in way that seems beneficial to person is deemed useless and does not add any value to life. It would be useless to have combs in your closet yet your hair is always down shaven, huh?

Now let us look at how we are supposed to use our free time in a way that will make it profitable for you. First, you will want to know how you should allocate your free time plan. Let us take a look at that first. Allocating your free time depends on what you really like doing when you think you are free and want to get off the daily routine. Some people spend their free time on re-watching your Anime collection or  fishing/whitewater rafting.

To allocate time, take a pen and paper and write all the things you love to do,I mean those that take you off and make you feel a lot tipsy you know, such like things, I see you understand me. Write them down while suggesting the amount of time you can spend doing each of them in a day. I am sure some of these shall appear in your list:
1. The Internet (Message Boards, News Sites, etc.)
2. Watching non-anime movies/TV
3. Reading Novels
4. Listening to music.
5. Playing video games
6. Making drawings
7. Chase around after my teen.
8. Hanging out with friends.
9. Playing instruments.

I am actually giving you some hint if you are really not sure of what you like doing(I hope not). You an even add one more like from my list. 

After listing all of them in that manner, you have to be very sure that you will not be able to do all of them in one single day as that would mean you let the whole day be free time right? Now you will want to arrange on what you will do on a particular day of the week depending on how much time is available for you each day and the time you require to take up your interests. 

You will either have to choose one or two for a day and spread them all over the week. Remember, a time spent doing what you like is well spent. it will help to build you emotionally and mentally, take off the stresses of the normal daily routine and give you a chance to explore more.

Spending time doing what you know will make you be even more hurt is not advisable. Some people like spending their free time masturbating and doing all other sorts of bad things like watching pornographic movies. I will not hide this from you- It is really baaaad to do this. These are things that will even lower your self esteem and erode your self respect. When you do what is wrong, you will never trust yourself with something good, and you just know what that would mean.

I am really hoping that this post helped you agreat deal. Thanks for visiting Free Advice Home.
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