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Why you really need self control

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ability to Switch yourself on an off
Self control is a very important virtue in the life of every human being, in fact i the life of every living being. You realize that everything we do, say, everywhere we go, all are controlled by our minds. Our minds are controlled by our ever active conscience that communicates with the mind to let us know what to do at every given time. When you sleep, your conscience also sleeps and your mind will not be able to tell whatever is happening to you or sometimes even what you say in your sleep! That is my proof that all the control comes from the conscience.

Now what is really this self control? I have a personal ready answer to this question and I will not really go onto the dictionary definitions of this word, or phrase in this case but give the meaning from anybody's level of understanding. Self control  is the ability of a person to have total mastery of t]what he/she does, where he/she goes and what he/she says. This is when one is perfectly the master of him/herself and is the perfect opposite to a situation where the conscience is your master.

I would say that self control is the ability to switch on or switch off yourself from undertaking certain decision, or doing certain activities that you do not deem right for you. Self control comes with humility and understanding of oneself and must always be accompanied by good attitude towards oneself.

Self control also goes hand in hand with self discipline and at all times, a person with self discipline will always be self controlled.
Sometimes, self control comes all by itself. Take this example: When you are thirsty and water is not available at that time, you will be able to wait until some later time when you can access the water. Similarly, when you patiently wait in a queue and not jump over others who are also as busy as you are, you practice self control.

At times I view it as a permanent war between your heart and your conscience and mind. Your heart and feelings will always demand freedom to do even those things that are detrimental to you. You have to do all you can to take the feelings away and follow the right path that seems safe.

Benefits of self control/Why you really need it.
After knowing what self control really is, let us now examine what it will help us do and how it is going to save us a lot in every aspect of our lives and in our daily duties.
- Self Control enables you to survive in various adverse conditions. Taking the example of being thirsty, knowing that you will have to walk a mile to get water will allow you to hold your thirst and feel as if everything is okay. This in itself is a prudent practice of self control. One can also control hunger, by dying to his desk completing a client's job before going out for some late lunch, hours after the lunch hour.
- Self control will enable our minds to gather information from all sources including generic media to tell us more about our deal control is the ultimate weapon to fight addiction to drugs and narcotics, or certain behaviors such as pornography. When one is able to control himself and manage to evade the things that hurt him, he becomes a hero of himself, and I tell you it is really great.

With that I hope you get the gist of why you will always need to be self controlled in all situations. I am waiting to get your comments. Cheers.
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