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Making your Study Effective.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

You might be studying for some college lessons and exams, career qualification or for normal sheer fun and enjoyment. I would bet that the last thing that you wold wish for yourself is to count the time you spend reading and studying a waste. This is where the virtue of making your study period effective comes in and it is really a step that you have to take before you embark on serious study as you may get disappointed in the last minute.

Making your study effective is often a very easy but also a heavily decisive action in your study life. Achieving it involves a lot of commitment ans sacrifice that you may not achieve if you are not determined and looking at your target straight forwardly.
Disappointment is the last thing that I would want you to have in your study life. So here is the guide line.

Be quite realistic with yourself.
Being realistic here means that you make decision that you can actually take to action, make observations that you can actually draw conclusions about, and most important is that you set goals that you can actually achieve and that will not leave you frustrated when you finally fail to attain. This also will allow you to bring out clearly those activities that you can forgo for your learning activities. It will involve you looking closely at some of your commitments. Do you feel you need to ditch some of them in order to give you effective study period? You definitely have this answer if this is what you are determined to have,sure.

 Find your best time and environment of study.
This is arguably the most important aspect of making whatever study you undertake profitable to you  since it determines your retention capacity and controls your reading habits. Finding your area and time of study involves finding the correct time and environment where and when you are not only able to study well but also be able to concentrate fully to what you are reading. Various people find it nice and accelerating to read in the late nights while it is quiet while other also have it well early in the mornings. Actually the old proverb "One man's meat is another man's poison" applies here so vividly. Some also will always want to read while listening to music while on the other hand others cannot stomach any kind of noise while reading. It is time you found out who you are among these people.

The place of study, this is quite self explanatory, but I will not go without saying a word on it as someone may miss being a millionaire because of that. It is a good idea to know what kind of environment that suits your study best; warm environment, cold windy to keep you conscious, some lonely place, you know it best, it is for you to research. The bast I would say about this is:
  • Find somewhere where you will get no or minimal interference so that you are able to fully focus on your study. 
  • Find a spacious place enough to have all your reading materials spread so that you will not have to walk back and forth to and from the bookshelf.
Practice several reading techniques in your study.
Bowing your head over your book reading the same color of pages can prove too boring that could get you in some slumber. At this time it is important to mix up things by impinging various studying skills and techniques that include but not limited to the following:
  • Taking notes from books as you’re reading
  • Reading for half an hour, then writing down notes from what you remember
  • Listening to audio material while commuting
  • Watching videos
  • Going to seminars or classes
  • Talking to fellow students about what you’re learning
  • Writing an article or blog post based on what you’ve been studying (perhaps a beginners’ guide)
  • Drawing diagrams or pictures to help you remember or understand a concept.
 Make your study plans flexible,but be ready to compensate.Assuming you were already working at some company where there are hour shifts and all the salaries are remitted in accordance to the hours you have worked. One day some emergency may catch up with you that you do not turn up for work for a whole day. You will have to eat up into your leisure time to make up for the time you weren't at work in order to retain your salary. Well your study is just as important as your work, and you will have to give room for urgent interruptions but always be sure to pay back for whet you would have done at that time by making up some time to do that.

Studying is not all about having a book in front of you and turning about the pages. You could do that and and at the end of it retain 0.000% of what you read. There above are some simple ways to make your study effective and appealingly profitable.

What is your experience? Let me know from the comments section if you have any more thoughts on this.

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