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How and where to find a job online

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unemployment rates are growing so fast in many countries and there are major concerns in countries that I could not imagine could experience high unemployment rates like Europe, even by 2011, Economy Watch reported that high unemployment may dog the US for years.
The course of such rise in unemployment rates is rather as I have examined increased computerization of major companies and mechanization of the production sectors of the various economies. This has with high rates led to many people being laid off. Currently, most people are reverting to soliciting for jobs that are either done online or done at home convenience, or in some case have ceased to physically approach companies and have instead diverted efforts to looking for jobs in the internet for which I would want to facilitate today.

Finding jobs online is easy, but all the same tricky. One way of finding job opportunities online is through the many online Job Boards in the internet cyberspace where millions of jobs are posted daily and I think a few people manage to grasp them since it is when people are beginning some serious drive towards such opportunities.

Different Job Boards handle different categories of job opportunities that may include technology jobs, health, office, customer support, online management jobs, e.t.c. I will in this post help you locate easily some pf the most prominent job boards on the internet and I will have to giver references to resources from various sites from which I have gathered the information.

In addition to online job boards, social sites such ad LinkedIn, which is a Professionals socializing site can easily help you out finding jobs. Generally social sites are growing in job opportunities. LinkedIn is the most popular site for recruiters by far, as the data below reveals. 
According to a 2010 survey by, which provides recruiting tools for many large and small employers, the use of social media for recruiting has been expanding, and the trend is expected to continue:
  • 92% of employers planned to leverage the social networks for recruiting, with LinkedIn leading the pack and obviously the majority using more than one of the social networks:
    • 86% are using LinkedIn
    • 60% are using Facebook
    • 50% are using Twitter
  • 50% plan to increase spending on social networks for recruiting (and social networks are, at least currently, much cheaper than job boards).
  • 36% of employers will spend less on job boards.
credit: Job-Hunt 

Top Job Boards in The Cyberspace. 

Below I have listed some of the most popular job boards in the internet that might be resourceful for you as an internet job searcher. I will only touch but a few of the most popular, and I hope you will be content and be your own researcher as to look for more. I have also included a few tips on how to maximize your chances of getting jobs i the various job Boards. If you are still willing to go ahead, jump into the job boards!


Monster is one of the popular technology jobs hub but basically you can find jobs on any other industry and provides thousands of jobs.

    Using monster to find a job

There  are a few things that you will look upon the moment you sign up for Monster.
  • When searching for jobs,use a variety of search querries and specifically those that are very specific, you will have to be sure of what you want. Different search tags yield different results.
  • You will also want to update your resume so that employers can easily know your skills, but you could do that on some private basis that will not allow the employers view your name.
  • Your resume should bare an informative title describing your area of specialization rather than using the default title- "Name's Resume" 
  • You will also consider signing up for new job alerts to notice you of any jobs in the offing via email or news readers.


I have have heard many sites mentioning Craigslist as the pioneer of jobs Boards, but I ain't certain about that. All I am sure about is that it is among the top for job searches. Basically it s not only about job listings but allso about many other things from housing to personals. 

  • Craigslist has selections of cities and geographical locations to find jobs. You will wanna look for the cities you are interested in basing your search on the fact that bigger cities have more job opportunities.
  • There is a resume posting section that is crawled by many search engines so it would be of importance to have your resume bare the most relevant search keywords.
  • In all your online job searching expedition it is important to give a gateway to any interested employer to contact you,NOTE THAT.

Just as I said befoe this is a resourseful job finding domain.
      How to Find a job in LinkedIn.
  •  Posing your bio and searching the job listing would be your first step to know various openings that are available.
  • When describing your profile, resume and about, you should use various targeted keywords and search oriented terms. Employers search LinkedIn either directly of indirectly using search engines to find the most appropriate potential employees.
  • As you very well know LinkedIn is used to connect to workmates, Alumni, college mates and probably pas work associates. You may be able to use these links to give you give aways and gateways to open jobs. 
  • Joining various professional groups is another way of letting yourself known and your skills noted by continuously contributing to discussions and exposing your talent and ability in your area of specialization.

Other JOB boards on the internet.



One of the larger job boards out there, HotJobs has thousands of jobs to search through. Many of the larger employers have access to HotJobs, and it should be a part of any thorough job search. View these HotJobs Tips and Tricks to get the best use of HotJobs.

IEEE is one of the premiere industry associations. They have extensive job posting and networking opportunities for members. The IEEE job searching resources gives more information on how to utilize IEEE in your job search. is a search engine for job postings. The site visits job boards and corporate websites and returns listings based on the keywords you select, which can make the process of searching much more efficient.

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