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If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It will not be a good choice to work as a teacher in a high school while you can excellently with ability perform even to greater heights while lecturing in some university in your city. This is both arguably and critically right. Leaving aside the issue of monthly salary, there are far much more benefits that could accrue to stepping up your duties to become a university lecturer. Just one of them is that you begin to have greater thoughts and insights. remember,as a teacher, you will always have to set your mind at the level of those that you tech so that an effective communication plane is achieved. So when you teach in high school and you are fit to tech in the university, sure your are making your mind and conscience dumb and numb. Just a bit of courtesy, you will be blocking avenues for other who qualify for the high school level teaching.

That was just a short critical analysis to prove that your guess was true. Now from the analysis, it becomes vivid that if you want to set your dreams and goals on those things that a light, you are certainly missing the mark. According to my first definition of sin in C.R.E of  first year in high school, you are sinning against yourself.

As for your choice of dreams, it is a good habit to make good choices and to make choices that best fit you, not on the basis of the possibility of achievement but on the basis of your passion. Passion is very important factor in success, and it is almost 100% true that one will not succeed wit no passion.Where there is a will, there must be a way waiting to be trod. Setting your goals to heights is one way of making your more determined to achieve what you really want in life, with no disappointments along the way.

Letting your dreams surprise you prepares you for a bigger surprise when you actually achieve it!Please do not think of your dreams as though they were mountains placed on you to carry all the way from Asia to America.

This is kind of a warning. I do not encourage people allowing themselves to be cheated by intrinsic overconfidence and list one of the dreams as owning a big and successful company while they do not want to go to school, or have one time said,"School sucks!"
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