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How Alcohols boils down to Cirrhosis- Quit Alcohol.

Monday, May 21, 2012

You have heard that it was said that alcohol consumption relives a person from mental psychological stress. I don’t really know if this works because I don’t drink. But from the best of my understanding and from basic high school chemistry and biology, I do not see any connection of alcohol and mental stress. The only thing I see is mental hallucination and drowsiness that do not really drive a way stress. Enough of that and more about it is left for another day.
Today I want to give this free advice: Know how alcohol destroys your liver and what chemical effects are involved. The commercial and/or the alcohol that you drink is made of basically ethyl alcohol(basic chemical element) This ethyl alcohol gets to your liver and is immediately oxidized to acetaldehyde, the two carbon chain form of aldehyde. The acetaldehyde is also called ethanal. The acetaldehyde is then oxidized to acetic acid and finally to carbon dioxide and water.
This fact has been used by many people to give them an excuse to continue taking alcohol with the guise that it all degenerates to water and Carbon (IV) Oxide. 

It is good to know that excess consumption of alcohol leads to a buildup of acetaldehyde in the bloodstream that has got some adverse effects. This leads to a sharp decrease in blood pressure, a more rapid heartbeat and general uncomfortable feeling of unending hangovers. When so much of acetaldehyde is sustained within your liver, it leads to destruction of liver cells and hence leading to the dreaded liver disease – cirrhosis.
Another deadly chemical that is related to ethyl ethanol is methanol. This is commonly found as a component in local brews. It is sad to note that even after this dangerous chemical causing unbearable damage and loss of lives in the central part of Kenya, people still went on taking it blindly.
Methanal is sometimes called wood alcohol and is extremely toxic to the human body. When it enters the body, it is very quickly absorbed into the blood stream where it is also immediately oxidized to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a very reactive compound and destroys the catalytic powers of enzymes. The liver being a big center for catalysis of different respirational processes, it is disabled with time. What follows closely is the hardening of the liver tissues and this is the reason why this compound Is used in the preservation of biological specimen and in the preservation of corpses in morgues.
In addition to liver damage, formaldehyde also leads to permanent or temporary blindness as a result of damage of the optic nerves. This is one of the effects of the local brews that claimed several lives of people in central Kenya, and to my surprise, people still take the local brews,  and doing all they can to ensure that their children remain parentless (irony).
It is a free advice, QUIT ALCOHOL, DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!  Take it or leave it. But I strongly urge you to take me seriously and take it. At a later time I will also let you know why alcohol taking is not a way to enjoy yourself. Keep following.
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